Acton & Sons

Where: 17 Brunswick Street, Belfast BT2 7GE, close to Sweet Afton and the Perch.

What: Lovely city centre restaurant serving classic brasserie style food.

Prices: Starters are between £3 and £5, mains £9-11, desserts £4-5

Vegan menu: They have a full vegetarian menu with a great selection of vegan options. Vegan starters include stuffed avocado, hummus and flatbreads, salt and pepper tofu, breaded mushrooms. Mains include a nut roast, massaman curry, veggie casserole, I think I’ve had the tofu starter as a main too so they are well able to accommodate you if you have any special requests. Desserts are a vegan brownie or some bliss balls.

Drinks: They have a full bar licence with lots of different gins and things advertised. I think they have a vegan wine list. Soy milk is available for coffees, and their non-alcoholic cocktails are a really lovely touch – the strawberry lemonade one is my favourite.

Service: Excellent – staff are very friendly and attentive. For a restaurant that seems to get a lot of business from its omni menu I have never had any issue ordering vegan food there.

Comfortable? The restaurant is actually much bigger than it looks from the outside. There’s a kind of a bar on the left as you go in and a cosy waiting area. Tables are well spaced out and arranged in a way that you don’t feel like other diners are on top of you if the place is busy. I think they’ve done a really good job here.

Was the food good? The food is just solidly good vegan comfort food – I had the hummus and flatbreads which were really tasty, and the curry is nothing too exciting but good nonetheless. The brownie dessert is nice but I’d personally love to see a vegan version of one of their sundaes or something – literally everywhere seems to serve these raspberry vegan brownies as the only dessert option. I don’t think they are trying to do anything too exciting or groundbreaking with the food but you get a great portion for the price and guaranteed to find something for everyone.

Toilets: Straight ahead and to the left as you come into the restaurant. Clean, well-lit and stocked.

My advice to the chef: Maybe a new vegan dessert would be nice. Otherwise great job, I also love how the menu changes slightly with the seasons.

My advice to the manager: Great work in catering for people with dietary requirements as well as maintaining your normal business. I come here quite regularly and will continue to do so. Actually one thing I think is really strange is that it’s not open on Sundays? Been caught out with that one before…

Overall: This is my go-to option if I have a group of vegans and non-vegans who are looking for somewhere nice to go – it’s big enough to fit a bigger group without too much hassle, the food is reasonably-priced for the quality and you know you will get something tasty. It’s also perfect for a lunch date or a nice evening out. Keep up the good work.

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