Tribal Burger

Where: 86 Botanic Ave, Belfast BT7 1JR

What: Casual burger bar. Serves meat, some vegan options

Prices: £6.50 for a vegan burger or box, sides £3-4

Vegan menu: There are two variants of the vegan burger, one is a beetroot and chickpea patty, the other is spicy sweet potato. For sides the vegans are restricted to normal or sweet potato fries.

Drinks: Soft drinks, craft beers, milkshakes. Don’t think there are any vegan milkshake options.

Service: Mostly self-service, order at the counter and find a place to sit and wait. Any of the staff I’ve interacted with have been fine however.

Comfortable? You’ll likely be sharing a table with others. Otherwise it’s fine for what it is – a place to eat your burger quickly before you go back to what you were doing. I like the plants inside.

Was the food good? The burgers are really good, nicely dressed. I think the sweet potato one slightly wins it for me but both are very nice, interesting ingredients. They’ve increased the portion size of chips recently which is welcome.

My advice to the chef: Some other vegan side options instead of just fries would be great. Also maybe consider vegan milkshakes.

My advice to the manager: Vegan burgers are the same price or more expensive than the meat ones – this is one of my pet hates, there’s no way it’s costing more.

Overall: Great way to satisfy your burger craving if you’re out and about.

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