Holohan’s At The Barge

Where: 1 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3LG, moored just beside the Waterfront.

What: Traditional Irish inspired dishes served on the Belfast Barge.

Prices: Starter £7, main £15, dessert £5.50.

Vegan menu: None advertised and not a single vegan option listed on the menu. However when I asked they offered to make me up vegan versions of some of their dishes.

Drinks: Full bar, lots of craft beers, wines, some interesting cocktails made with local spirits. Soft drinks, tea and coffee available too.

Service: Staff were very friendly, especially when I had to ask for something special. Some of the food was delayed in arriving because it had been forgotten, but we were a big group.

Comfortable? It is essentially a dining room in a boat, however they’ve done their best. You can’t help but notice the painted metal interiors and clear plastic instead of windows, but the whole place is spotless and nicely decorated with drop lights etc. No rocking detected from the water, but it was a calm evening.

Was the food good? I enjoyed it – the starter was a warm vegetable salad with capers, nuts, courgette strips, cooked tomatoes, nicely dressed if a bit vinegary but that was probably the capers. I believe the main was a veganised version of the advertised Fermanagh boxty. Think of a crepe style boxty stuffed with peas, kale and onion, with a lovely side of green veg. Delicious. I wasn’t expecting a dessert but they brought me a sundae of berry sorbet with some fresh fruit, which I really appreciated.

My advice to the chef: Watch the seasoning on the vegan stuff. Otherwise lovely.

My advice to the manager: Please consider advertising that you will cater for vegans, especially since the food is very nice it seems a shame not to. I think it would help business if people know that they will get an option for them here.

Overall: Worth trying if you fancy something different, but check in advance to make sure they’ll accommodate you.

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