Where: 22 Wellington Pl, Belfast BT1 6GE

What: Bistro-style restaurant with a focus on fresh, local and seasonal produce.

Prices: Bit steep. Starters £5.50 to £7.50. Mains £9 – £12. Sides £3.75 or £4.50.

Vegan menu: They have separate vegan and vegetarian menus although I think they are broadly the same. Starters include hummus and veggies, sweetcorn chowder, Asian noodle salad, salt and pepper tofu, Mains include a sweet potato curry, a sharing mezze plate, or falafel and lentil tabouleh. Most dishes can be had as either a starter or a main. Some nice vegan sides like mash, tabouleh, and steamed green veg. One or two vegan desserts depending on availability – coconut black rice pudding or whatever sorbet they have.

Drinks: Beers, wines, fancy cocktails. Fully licenced.

Service: Attentive. Our waiter routinely came over to check on us and fill up water bottles etc without being asked.

Comfortable? It’s nice inside, lots of cool paintings available for purchase on the walls. I find it a little bit cramped when it’s busy though.

Was the food good? The food is tasty but the portions are very small for the price. Expect to still be peckish even if you order a starter and side with your main. It doesn’t just seem to be the vegan options either, a few of the omni dishes looked a bit sparse as well. I’m not saying you need to have a massive pile of food but it is a bit difficult to justify £10 for some pieces of tofu on a bed of leaves.

Toilets: Down the back of the restaurant. There’s only one for each gender – expect to queue if the restaurant is in any way busy.

My advice to the chef: Food’s lovely and the menu changes quite often for variety – be a bit more generous with the portions please.

My advice to the manager: Your current offering is not representing value for vegans. Maybe a few years ago when you were one of the few restaurants in Belfast with a vegan menu you could get away with it, but not anymore. Please increase portion sizes or reduce prices.

Overall: Only ok – to be honest I wouldn’t be in a rush to go back. Plenty of better options available these days.

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